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Our service can index anything you want: pages of your own Money website, PBN links, tier 1,2,3 links, web 2.0, forum profiles and so on. Important: The percentage of your indexing ratio depends of the quality of links you submit. Spammy or low-quality links are hard to index this days but not impossible. You can always resubmit your not-indexed links, this way you increase your chances to index them.

* On average the indexing time is between 2 - 7 days to see your links indexed. * We notify all major search engines like Google, Bing & Yandex about your links in a natural way to avoid penalties for your domain. Note: Please make sure that that your links are not built on spammed domains or on pages with duplicate or low quality content because this will affect the average indexing time.

* Yes you can pay with cripto or Bitcoin. We accept payments in Bitcoin! * Because of fluctuating prices in cripto and Bitcoin, prices will be 10% higher than normal price plans. * For more details contact us!

*We don't offer refunds. * For canceling your subscription ( if you create one) please login in your Paypal account and cancel it from there. We wont cancel subscriptions on behalf of the client.

* To cancel a PayPal subscription, please follow the steps below: - Log in to your PayPal account. - Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the page. - Select "Payments" from the dropdown menu. - Click "Manage Automatic Payments" under the "Automatic payments" section. - Find the merchant or subscription you want to cancel and click "Cancel". - Confirm the cancellation by clicking "Cancel Profile". If you're having trouble canceling a subscription or need further assistance, you can also contact PayPal customer support for help.

* Your links will still be processed as usual. * Once they are sent for indexing and indexed we don't have any control if Google, Bing or Yandex chooses to keep them in their index database.

Yes we do offer an Affiliate Program. Simply create an account. If your affiliated tab is not activated by default in your account please create a ticket and will be happy to activate it for you. You will have a dashboard where you can find your affiliated link and where you can keep track of your income and affiliated purchases. Each time someone makes a purchase through your affiliated account you will receive 5% from that transaction.

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